Indian Round Pin

Indian round pin in 5A,15A and 5/15A socket configurations of 6,8,10,12,14 sockets as well as special configurations of upto 20 sockets in 1U / 2U width.

IEC sockets

Universal models with IEC sockets C-13 & C-19 (in 16A and 32A versions) and combinations of C-13 & c-19 sockets.

Fan Units

Fan Tray - 2,3,4 fans


Box type and Plate type with upto 8 + 8 MCB's in 19" units and max 200 busbar.

Wall Mount cabinets

6U,9U,12U,15U & 18U in CKD and welded construction. Accessories - PDU, Shelf,Cable manager,fans,castor,Locks, etc.

Flat Pin Type

British type Flat pin sockets in various configurations.